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WOW! Launch Date on the Muffin –
Monday, November 25th

Editor Interview and a giveaway book to one of our readers

All Things Audry –
Tuesday, November 26th

Blogger: Audry Fryer
Topic: Age of Aquarius

Words by Webb –
Wednesday, November 27th

Blogger: Jodi Webb
Book Review

Memory Writers Network –  
Monday, December 2nd
Jerry Waxler
Blog post and Discussion

Choices –  
Tuesday, December 3rd
Blogger: Madeline Sharples
Topic: Early ’60s and the Beat culture

The Literary Ladies –
Friday, December 6th  

Bloggers: Tricia, Brandi, Sarah, Margo, Grace and Camille
Topic: How Times They Were A-Changing Can Engage Discussions with Younger Generations & Giveaway!

Slay the Writer –  
Monday, December 9th
Blogger: Trisha Slay
Book Review

Memory Writers Network –  
Monday, December 9th
Jerry Waxler
BONUS stop: Editor Interview!

Renee’s Pages –  
Tuesday, December 10th
Blogger: Renee Roberson  
Book excerpt. Give away one copy of the ebook!

Words by Webb –
Wednesday, December 11th

Blogger: Jodi Webb
Editor Interview

Memoir Writer’s Journey –
Thursday, December 12th

Blogger: Kathy Pooler
Topic: “How Lessons We Learned from the ‘60s and ‘70s are Important for Women Today”  & Giveaway!

Women’s Writing Circle – 
Monday, December 16th
Blogger: Susan Weidener

Editor Interview

Found Between the Covers –
Tuesday, December 17th
Blogger: Sherrey Meyer

Book Review

CMash Reads –
Wednesday, December 18th
Blogger: Cheryl Masciarelli
Topic:  “Legacy of the ’60s and ’70s for women and how it relates to women today”  Stop by for the chance to win your own copy of the book!

Thoughts in Progress –
Thursday, December 19th
Blogger: Mason Canyon

Topic: “Age of Aquarius: New Age Disciplines and Consciousness Raising” Enter to win your own copy of the book!

Suzanne Purvis –
Friday, December 20th
Blogger: Suzanne Purvis

Topic: Insider’s perspective on “The Making of an Anthology”