Notes from the Underground

A Political Race to Remember, 1960

October 27, 2012

With the deluge of ads, mailings, and robo calls this month, I began thinking about presidential elections, past and present. I suddenly recalled one of the most memorable events of my young life, one that had escaped me. Yet once I called it back, that long forgotten moment is as vivid in stunning detail as […]

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Stripped Hog

September 14, 2012

It was a chilly fall day in 1964, on a bare hillside above Oakland. A swarm of bikers wearing black leather jackets throttled their deep-throated Harley-Davidsons with a deafening, sputtering roar. Standing on a down slope near a dirt path carved in the brown hillside, I turned to my boyfriend, Jack, shouting, “So, this is […]

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Where Am I? A Process of Self-discovery

August 14, 2012

Young and restless in the early sixties, I evoke a myriad of memories that spin around and around like a carousel, as bewildering now as they were then. San Francisco was the place to be and where I was in 1959, living in the Bay Area, then in that fabled City by 1962. I was […]

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