Sample Program for Live Events

bookshop_events-1-july-2013_03Planning a Live Event

If you’re planning an event to invite readers from your area, here is a sample program of the Berkeley event we sponsored for you to consider.
If you are the only reader, but wish to read selections from the anthology, you might want to include an interactive dialogue with the audience and invite them to share their stories from the era. Or you could moderate a discussion.

Books: Bookstores can order the anthology directly through Ingram or you can supply books yourselves with a consignment contract. If your event is not in a bookstore, you’ll provide the books, sell them yourself, and keep the profits. Contributing authors (only) may order books through our website to receive the 50% discount in amounts of 10, 15, 20 copies at a time.


Sunday, September 29, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Book Launch Party
Books, Inc. Berkeley, CA
1760 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA

Arrive at 5:00 pm in ‘60s outfits, live guitar music with songs from the ’60s

Refreshments: Wine, water, cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolates, snacks

6:00–6:20: Mingle, meet, music, refreshments, buy and sign books

6:25 Welcome, Kate Farrell (2 min)

6:27 Overview of anthology, Linda Joy Myers (3 min)

6:30 Introduce first reader, Amber Lea Starfire (1 min)

6:31 First reader, Judith Terzi, “Berkeley Raga” (5 min)

6:36 Introduce second reader, Linda Joy Myers (1 min)

6:37 Second reader, Laura Singh, “The Magician” (5 min)

6:43 Introduce third reader, Kate Farrell (1 min)

6:44 Third Reader, Cathleen Cordova, “Round Eye in a World of Hurt” (5 min)

6:49 Introduce Fourth reader: Linda Joy Myers

6:50 Fourth Reader, Elise Frances Miller*, “My People’s Park” (5min.)

7:00-7:15 BREAK, Mingle, meet, music, refreshments, buy and sign books

7:15 Introduce fifth reader, Amber Lea Starfire (2 min)

7:17 Fifth reader, Joan Annsfire*, “Under Siege” (5 min)

7:22 Introduce sixth reader, Linda Joy Myers (2 min)

7:24 Sixth reader, Marianne Goldsmith, “Marching with Kay Boyle” (5 min)

7:30 Introduce seventh reader, Kate Farrell (2 min)

7:32 Seventh reader, Lucille Lang Day*, “The Trip” (5 min)

7:37 Introduce eighth reader, Amber Lea Starfire

7:39 Eighth reader, Judy Gumbo Albert*, “Bugged” (5 min)

7:45 END, Mingle, music, refreshments, buy and sign books

8:00 Breakdown refreshment table

* Prize winners