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Website: http://www.timestheywereachanging.com/

Book Description: Forty-eight powerful stories and poems etch in vivid detail breakthrough moments experienced by women during the life-changing era that was the ’60s and ’70s. These women rode the sexual revolution with newfound freedom, struggled for identity in divorce courts and boardrooms, and took political action in street marches. They pushed through the boundaries, trampled the taboos, and felt the pain and joy of new experiences. And finally, here, they tell it like it was. Through this collection of women’s stories, we celebrate the women of the ’60s and ’70s and the importance of their legacy.

Print ISBN: 978-1-938314-04-9 Price: $16.95
E ISBN: 978-1-938314-10-0 Price: $9.95

She Writes Press • shewritespress.com

Blurbs: “I love this book because it is written by women who were on the scene—and such a scene it was! If you were there, it will remind you of those remarkable years. If you weren’t, you’ll be amazed and delighted and proud of the brave women who have written these stories and poems.”
—Susan Wittig Albert, author of A Wilder Rose, and founder of Story Circle Network

“This marvelous anthology shows the vital role outrider women played in changing our world—often overlooked; they were the heart of the 60s revolution.”
—Brenda Knight, author of Women of the Beat Generation

“Times They Were A-Changing is the book long missing from the packed second wave feminism shelf. Finally, [women] are speaking in their own powerful voices about how each in her own way and in places you might never imagine pushed America toward greater equality and justice.”
—Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder and President of Take the Lead, Author, No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, former President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Program to feature contributing authors (one possible timeline):

Times They Were A-Changing Book Event Program

 6:00 – 8:00 pm event

Arrive at 5:00 pm

6:00–6:20: Mingle, meet, live music, refreshments, buy and sign books

Each reader will have 5 minutes.

6:25 Welcome

Overview of anthology

6:35 Introduce first reader

First reader

Introduce second reader

Second reader

Introduce third reader

Third Reader

Introduce Fourth reader

Fourth Reader

7:00-7:15 BREAK: Mingle, meet, live music, refreshments, buy and sign books

7:15 Introduce fourth reader

7:17 Fifth reader

7:22 Introduce sixth reader

7:24 Sixth reader

7:30 Introduce seventh reader

7:32 Seventh reader

7:37 Introduce eighth reader

7:39 Eighth reader

7:45 END: Q & A, Mingle, music, refreshments, buy and sign books

RAFFLE one book, possibly other items
An alternative would be to have fewer readers and a Q&A period (for the contributing authors) after each reading.

Audience for Theme, Women’s History Month/Personal Narratives: local women’s groups, high schools/Sociology, US History, colleges/Women’s Studies, writing groups, memoir groups, friends and fans of contributing authors.

Publicity for Theme, Women’s History Month/Personal Narratives: Emails to the listservs of all groups mentioned (women’s, writing, memoirists), outreach to Women’s Studies Departments at local colleges and to local high school History/Sociology Departments, posts in literary calendars and newsletters, outreach through the individual author’s networks. Schedule pre-event radio broadcast or blog interviews.